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A visual packing list: 10 days in Europe / 10 essentials

Monday, August 20, 2012

Okay, I have a secret. I'm a chronic packer and re-packer. Packing is such a science, and I want to get it just right every time. What can I say? I'm into small space efficiency, it's my thing- so when my husband walks into the garage sees me at the vice taking a hacksaw to my toothbrush to make it smaller, he doesn't bat an eye. (Those dinky travel toothbrushes just don't cut it, am I right?).
Ladies and gentlemen... I got it right this time after 20 years of international packing!
I'm at the end of my 10 day trip in Europe (and almost 2 weeks in NY before that). I made a visual reference guide to refer to next time I'm in a packing crisis. This is more or less what I packed for 10 days in Denmark in August- 70 degree days on average. I have a carry on suitcase that I still have room in to bring home a tablecloth, soap dispenser and some other gifts. (Not shown are ballet flats for the plane). I'd also like if I had packed my Modaspia summer dress for the beach and mayyyybe my ipad. I really only missed it for these blog posts.  If you're a guy reading this, hopefully you can get the basics from this list, like swap our the skirts for dress shorts or pants.
My messenger bag was great for biking around Copenhagen and my overnight trip to the beach. Other times I would grab my clutch and a collapsible shopping bag.

Here are the top 10 essentials I was glad to have with me:
1. Ortlieb messenger bag
2. Fossil wristlet
3. Sketchbook, pen, small scissors, and washi tape. You can bring small scissors on the plane if you put them in plain sight with your toiletries through airport security.
4. Passport and ticket holder (also holds foreign currency, itinerary, tickets, memo pad, pen)
5. Targus travel adapter / iphone / ipad charger
6. Pouch to hold electronics including headphones for the plane
8. Zip pouch to hold bras & underwear
9. Zip pouch to hold rolled up tank tops, shirts and scarves
10. Sneaker flats

Hope that helps anyone else in the "pack and repack" club! Happy travels.

Denmark: Day 7. Train to Hornbæk

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Well, so far I've traveled by bike, car, and by foot on this trip, so it was time to take the train. I heard about a quaint beach town called, Hornbæk, so I headed up north with a stop off at the famous, Louisiana museum. Boy, to a non-Danish speaker, some of the towns en route sound very similar.
"You take the S train in Kobenhavn to Humlebæk. In Humlebæk, you'll transfer and take a train to Helsingør. In Helsingør, you take a train to Hornbæk". Wait, whuuuut???!! Mind you, those towns were pronounced with a nice heavy Danish accent on top of it.

Station names of my connections to Hornbæk, Denmark

Until I learn to speak Danish (another goal), I've made my life easier by storing a sticky note pad and pen, (along with my map, cash, passport and tickets), when I want to jot down directions- or better yet, have the person giving the directions kindly write them down for me. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring it out without ending up elsewhere!
Handy solution to keeping it all in one place

Louisiana was gorgeous. There's a great architecture show going on now. Truthfully, I got the most out of bonding with the outdoor Calder sculpture, a couple making playful shadows together and photographing them, and watching crazy kids roll down the hill one after another. It's what I needed- lightness.

Hornbæk was a treat. I made my own picnic on the beach surrounded by families doing the same. Luckily I found a room and was off to København this morning. One day soon I hope to return to here with G and have a picnic of our own. We're calling this my "scouting mission".

Day 6: Kristiana goes to Christiania

Friday, August 17, 2012

Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? Well, I did as a kid, and that's what the mystique that Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen has been for me for the past five or so years. It was my Narnia.  I heard about the neighborhood of Christiania, here in Copenhagen, from a guy who visited my Airstream one year at open studios in San Francisco. He picked up my business card, read my name, and said, "You must go to Christiania in Denmark". And so my goal was set. Well, yesterday I finally visited Christiania for Day 6 of my inspiration vacation in Denmark. No photos are allowed on the inside of Christiania, and I don't like to step on toes, so this collage of images is from my journey starting in the apartment where I'm staying, to and from, as well as the walls and little discoveries around Christiania. I'm glad I went. As I ate at the vegetarian restaurant in the town (delicious, by the way), I thought to myself, "A goal and dream have been fufilled, a mystery unveiled". Cheers to you, Christiania!

Hello from Denmark!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm typing this post on my iphone from my apartment (for the week), in Copenhagen, Denmark! This is day 6 of my adventure, and what an inspiring journey it has been.
I've been making a collage of photos from each day to summarize where I went, and things that inspired. It is absolute endless inspiration, I'm
already scheming a return
visit... I've posted these on my Facebook page and its been fun to keep in touch with friends that way, it feels like they're on the inspiration vacation with me.

Here are the collages so far, not sure what order they'll be in, but that's part of the creative process! Time to "hygge"... more on that soon...

Inspiration Vacation: Denmark!

Friday, June 29, 2012

CIFF ad for their upcoming show in Copenhagen

The wheels are in motion- I am headed to Denmark in August and while I'm there I'll be attending the Copenhagen International Jewelry Fair. I'm so excited to cover this event & to travel around and be inspired by the fabulous design of Scandinavia. I've booked my first two nights at a place through in a flat just blocks from the Bella Center where the trade show is being held. To say I'm excited is an understatement!